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Quick, Simple, Mess-Free Summer Tip

It’s been TOO LONG, y’all!! I have missed blogging and surfing through the blog community! I miss sharing my tips, advice, life, family with y’all! I miss my blog friends, I miss y’all!

Anywho….I’m back to let y’all know that…..I. AM. BACK!! I’ll be blogging a lot more come lately, along with adding some NEW, FUN, EXCITING content!! Be sure to subscribe and stick around so you don’t miss it!

For now, I wanted to leave y’all with a quick, simple, mess-free tip for summer!!

DIY Popsicle Drip Catchers 7

Y’all these are so easy and leaves your kiddos fingers sticky free!

DIY Popsicle Drip Catcher 4

Cute card stock and few cuts and folds and you have a Popsicle Drip Catcher! Perfect for the HOT summer days that are right around the corner!

DIY Popsicle Drip Catcher 6 Easy DIY Popsicle Drip Catchers DIY Popsicle Drip Catchers

Can’t wait to see y’all again! Thanks for stopping by!

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25 SUNsational Summertime Recipes

I just had to share these amazing SUNsational Summertime Recipes I’ve found!!

Sensational Summertime Recipes

FIRST, because Tacos are my ABSOLUTE FAV, I’ll start with the Tacos…….


BBQ Chicken Tacos

summer drinks

Ocean Water


Grilled Corn Recipes


Summer Sunshine Salad


Under The Sea Cupcakes


Corn and Chickpea Salad

Ham and Cheese Crescent Roll Up

Ham and Cheese Crescent Roll Ups


Bean Salad


Picnic Box Lunches


Blueberry Lemonade Cupcakes


Grilled Cheery Tomato Turkey Burgers


Quinoa, Kale & Chickpea Salad


Orange Sherbet Dessert


Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Skewers


Crabby Sandwich

avocado-pepper-tomatoes-bd108052_vert Avocado with Bell Pepper and Tomatoes  


Muffaletta Sandwich


Watermelon Ladybug Pops


Cucumber and Avocado Summer Rolls


Basil Lemonade


Le French Tuna Salad Sandwich


Chocolate Covered Banana Split Bites

Cucumber Black Bean and Feta Salad with red bell peppers and cilantro

Cucumber Black Bean and Feta Salad


Minty Fresh Summer Chicken & Rice

and we will finish off the list from another recipe from ME!


Sonoran Hot-dog Recipe

If you check out the Sonoran Hot-dog Recipe you will find 19 over delicious hot-dog recipes!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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DIY Summertime Popsicle Drip Catchers

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Fruttare, but all my opinions are my own. #FruttareMusic #PMedia #ad  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

I sure hope all my readers are having a wonderful summer. This is my FIRST summer off as a Teacher! I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome. Being a teacher is the most wonderful job I have ever had. It is also one of the most stressful, tiring and time consuming job I have ever had! So, Summer’s off are GREAT!!! Now I can enjoy days in the summer with my family, picnic, trips to the beach, pool or spending the day at the park.

It’s hot….really hot! We have discovered the Fruttare Fruit Bars are a delicious way to cool off. They are wonderfully flavorful, a healthy dessert option and come in TEN flavors! Flavors like Strawberry & Milk, Peach & Milk, Banana & Milk, Black Cherry, Pineapple, Lime, Mango, and more! I found mine at Kroger! Starting July 1st Fruttare packages will all contain a $4 Music Reward Code. Once you’ve purchase your Fruttare click HERE to redeem your $4 Music Reward.  Reward is valid from July 1st through July 31st.

While having fun in the backyard one day, I brought out some Fruttare Fruit Bars for my daughter and her cousins to enjoy and cool off. It was HOT and the girls really enjoyed the pops but unfortunately they all became a sticky yummy mess! I thought up a quick, easy and fun way to stay mess free while enjoying pops in the hot summer sun.

DIY Popsicle Drip Catchers #FruttareMusic #PMedia #ad

I call them the DIY Summertime Popsicle Drip Catchers! They are made from colorful fun cardstock. You can incorporate them into any themed party!! How fun, right?

They were SO EASY to make. I’ll show you how.

DIY Popsicle Drip Catchers 1

You will need…..Fruttare Fruit Bars, colorful fun cardstock, a pencil, scissors, ruler and hot glue.

I cut my cardstock into squares that measured 3 3/4 inches.

DIY Popsicle Drip Catchers Tutuorial AlililyBlog.com #FruttareMusic #PMedia #ad

Then, using my ruler to score the paper I folded opposite ends at 1 inch. Then, folded the other ends at 1/2 an inch each.  Keeping the 1/2 inch folds in place, I then folded up the 1 inch sides. Now, the 1/2 inch ends you have to work just a little bit, much like wrapping a gift to get the folds just right. The ends should meet like shown above and on the inside you will have a little triangle. Hot glue that triangle up to the inside of the paper where the two ends and the triangle meet.  Then I snipped a tiny hole in the middle of the bottom where the popsicle stick will go. Once the hold was snipped I placed the scissors through to make a slit for the popsicle stick.

It’s really just like wrapping a boxed present, or a half boxed present. Once your done you will have a cute little popsicle drip catcher!

DIY Popsicle Drip Catchers from Colorful Cardstock #FruttareMusic #PMedia #ad

Now all you need is a backyard party, pool party, trip to the park or any fun activity that gets you outside. That is just what we did! We enjoyed the hot summer sun and cooled off with a delicious Fruttare Fruit Bar!

Fun DIY Popsicle Drip Catchers #FruttareMusic #PMedia #ad

DIY Popsicle Drip Catcher #FruttareMusic #PMedia #ad Easy DIY Popsicle Drip Catchers #FruttareMusic #PMedia #ad

You can follow Fruttare below.

Twitter: @fruttare

Instagram: @fruttarefruitbars

Fruttare on Facebook

Now, get outside and ENJOY!!

DIY Popsicle Drip Catchers #FruttareMusic #PMedia #ad

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The Summer is Coming Piña Colada Slim Down

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Slimfast, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #14daystoslim  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV


The school year is coming to an end; my very first year as a Preschool Teacher.  It was an amazing year filled with love, laughter, learning and lots of food!! Parents, teachers, the board of directors, the PTO and more love to treat us teachers! I’ve gained close to twenty pounds this first year of teaching. Ten of those pounds I probably gained during Teacher Appreciation Week! I even posted this on Facebook at the end of that week!!

fatty fun

So, I NEED to slim back down and what better way than taking the 14 Day Slimfast® Challenge!!! It’s a great way to lose up to six pounds in just two weeks. In my case it’s a perfect way to start the weight loss process.  It’s so easy and for an on the go working mom. It’s a perfect quick meal. It’s so convenient to grab a delicious Slimfast® shake or meal bar during the morning chaos.

Swap two meals daily with a Slimfast® Protein shake or meal bar.

      Make sure your third meal must be 500 calories.

 Enjoy three 100-calorie snacks or pieces of fruit per day.

 And don’t exceed 1200 calories per day!

  Exercise for 30 minutes a day and drink plenty of water.

Here is me just before my first year teaching.

me me

And here is my gorgeous Mother’s Day portrait from our church. I love this photo and I love my beautiful family AND you can definitely see the extra 20 pounds!!

allison mothers day 2014

I have such a beautiful family don’t I?! 🙂

The new Slimfast® Limited Edition Piña Colada Protein Meal Shake is DELICIOUS! I’ve tried it and I love it! I drink one in the morning during the normal morning chaos routine. Then while at work I’ve found that I’m not snacking as much. Not grabbing donuts or danishes from the kitchen or sneaking cookies and snack cakes.  It’s just about four hours till lunch once I arrive at work and I’ve noticed that I am not hungry until lunch time. The bottle states up to four hours of hunger control and that’s just what it gives you.

slimfast pina coloada

I’m joining the 14 days to Slim Challenge Sweepstakes taking place on Slimfast’s Facebook page May 12, 2014 till May 27, 2014! I hope y’all will too! There will be TWO $5,000 grand prize winners, given a gift card to a specific retailer or a Visa/Amex gift card!! Here is the  link to sweepstakes: 14 days to Slim Challenge Sweepstakes

slimfast slimdown

Did y’all know  there is a new Slimfast survey reveals shows the prevalence of “Locked Closet Syndrome” – the practice of “locking away” clothes that don’t currently fit or that you can’t wear confidently. Highlights from Slimfast’s Unlock Your Closet Survey include:

 90% of women say they keep items that don’t currently fit in their closet – 14 items on average

93% of women have multiple sizes of clothing in their closet – 3 sizes on average

 79%  of women frequently dread getting dressed because of ill-fitting clothes in their closet

More than half of women have purchased clothing in a smaller size than they currently wear –  27%  say it motivates them to lose weight

Additionally: 83% of women admit to lying about their pants size more often than their age

I have to admit, I have quite of few articles of clothing in my closet at are too tight, too small. Let’s take the pledge to unlock your closet with Slimfast’s 14-Days to Slim!! Are you with me??

Follow Slimfast® here!

Slimfast® Website: http://goo.gl/IPGB25

Slimfast® Facebook:   http://goo.gl/vqA5eZ

Slimfast® Pinterest: http://goo.gl/dcVQVL


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